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Mother’s Day Live is a very small effort from the group of children to pay tribute to their moms on this very special Mother’s Day. Mothers Day is a lovely occasion that celebrates the fun of motherhood. On this present day individuals pay tribute to their mothers and show their love and feeling for them. The concept of this day was given by author and poet, Julia Ward Howe, but it’s attributable to the struggle of Anna Jarvis that Mother’s Day was decided to be celebrated on Second Sunday of the May and was declared a holiday in United States. The noble plan unfold and Mothers Day is currently celebrated in many countries across the world. Mother’s Day Live tend to come up with awareness concerning extraordinary thoughts behind Mothers Day and pay sincere tribute to all mothers.

Mother’s Day Live has tried to portray all aspects associated with the Mother’s Day. Full efforts has been made to go in detail into the history of the occasion and showcase the efforts of people who made Mothers Day a reality. Joys and sentiments of this occasion are captured through Mothers Day songs, gifts, messages, poems, quotes, prayers, recipes, crafts, and many other articles. Mother’s day Live invites its prestigious users to share their special relationship with their mothers by contributing message, poems and songs.